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Here are the streams known to Skyalert. Click the Detail link to view or edit the stream. Some streams have first-class events that can have other events associated to form a 'portfolio'. Click the All Events link to see all the events from the stream, and pointers to any portfolios of which they are members.
Stream Name Streams Portfolios Description
AAVSO (Stream) (Portfolios) AAVSO Alerts & Special Notices
CBAT (Stream) (Portfolios) Reports of possible discoveries of novae, supernovae, and new variable stars.
CRTS (Stream) (Portfolios) Catalina Real-time Transient Survey
CRTS2 (Stream) (Portfolios) CRTS 1.5m Transients
CRTS3 (Stream) (Portfolios) CRTS Siding Spring Transients
CSS_NEO (Stream) (Portfolios) Report of a moving object found by the Catalina Sky Survey
Fermi (Stream) (Portfolios) Fermi events
GALEX (Stream) (Portfolios) GALEX Transient Alerts
HST_MCT (Stream) (Portfolios) Supernova detection from CANDELS or CLASH surveys
INTEGRAL (Stream) (Portfolios)
MOA (Stream) (Portfolios) MOA Microlensing Survey
OGLE (Stream) (Portfolios) OGLE Microlensing Survey
PI_OF_SKY (Stream) (Portfolios) Candidate Optical Transient
POSS (Stream) (Portfolios) Possible Supernova from the Puckett Observatory Supernova Search
SWIFT (Stream) (Portfolios) SWIFT GRB alerts
Test (Stream) (Portfolios) Test event
CatalogArchives (Stream) Lists the nearest objects found in various cone searches
constellation (Stream) Constellation of an event annotation
CRTSCircular (Stream) CRTS Circular.
csCRTS (Stream) Entry for the Citizen Science component of CRTS
DBNNCircular (Stream) Machine classification from the DBNN annotator
Galeq (Stream) Computes galactic lon/lat
p60phot (Stream) Magnitude of the transient
SDSS (Stream) Lists the nearest star and galaxy and available images for an event from SDSS data
SMARTSphot (Stream) Transient observations from the SMARTS consortium
SNCRTS1 (Stream) Probability of a transient being a supernova based on distance to nearest star (NS), normalized distance to nearest galaxy (NG), and a statistic based on the peaks (PS). These are calculated using a naive Bayesian Network. Flag values imply the following: 0: all 3 values present 1: PS missing 2: NS and NG missing 3: All 3 missing (probability based on frequency of SN and nonSN in training set)
SNCRTS2 (Stream)
SNCRTS3 (Stream)
SWIFTCircular (Stream) GCN Circular about SWIFT observations
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