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System Feeds

These are a set of feeds that may be useful in following the event-filled Universe. You can also manage your own custom alert/feeds here.

Bright CRTS from stream CRTS
Events from the CRTS survey brighter than 18
CRTS["First Detection params"]["magnitude"] < 17.0
Events from the SWIFT Gamma-ray Burst Monitor.
SWIFT['']['Packet_Type'] == 61
MOA from stream MOA
Microlensing events from the MOA survey
CRTS and SDSS Galaxy from stream CRTS
CRTS events that have an SDSS galaxy within 5 arcsec.
SDSS["nearest_gal"]["distance"] < 5.0
Bright CRTS2 from stream CRTS2
Transients from the CRTS2 (Mt Lemmon) survey that re brighter than 20.
CRTS2["First Detection params"]["magnitude"] < 20.0
CRTS Blazar from stream CRTS
Events from the CRTS survey that are classified as Blazar (AGN) activity.
CRTSCircular["First"]["eventClass"] == "Active Galactic Nucleus Variability"
SWIFT with Circulars from stream SWIFT
SWIFT detections which have Circulars, meaning the GRB detections from SWIFT.