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System Feeds

These are a set of feeds that may be useful in following the event-filled Universe. You can also manage your own custom alert/feeds here.

Bright CRTS from stream CRTS
Events from the CRTS survey brighter than 18
CRTS["First Detection params"]["magnitude"] < 17.0
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams from stream CBAT
IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams. For more, see here.
Events from the SWIFT Gamma-ray Burst Monitor.
SWIFT['']['Packet_Type'] == 61
MOA from stream MOA
Microlensing events from the MOA survey
CRTS and SDSS Galaxy from stream CRTS
CRTS events that have an SDSS galaxy within 5 arcsec.
SDSS["nearest_gal"]["distance"] < 5.0
Bright CRTS2 from stream CRTS2
Transients from the CRTS2 (Mt Lemmon) survey that re brighter than 20.
CRTS2["First Detection params"]["magnitude"] < 20.0
AAVSO from stream AAVSO
Alerts from the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
CRTS Blazar from stream CRTS
Events from the CRTS survey that are classified as Blazar (AGN) activity.
CRTSCircular["First"]["eventClass"] == "Active Galactic Nucleus Variability"
SWIFT with Circulars from stream SWIFT
SWIFT detections which have Circulars, meaning the GRB detections from SWIFT.
CRTS and P60 from stream CRTS
CRTS events with Palomar 60" followup